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Mar 09, 2007



When I read the description of Jeff Davis' book and it said it combines the best of my favorite Goldberg and Lamott books...that's all I need to hear. I love the idea of writing from a core sentence. I'm going to have to give some thought to what mine is. Although I doubt much thinking is required...I'll just need to shut my mind up long enough to hear what she answers. (Do you have a camera with you? I'd love to see the Quarter through your eyes...)

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks so much Marilyn. I think you will love Jeff Davis.

Sometimes, heck all the times, we just need to ask the question. The answer can often is inarticulable, more like a glowing ball of knowing that lies within. From that inarticulable, something tangible can burst forth. But the seed idea may never be articulated, just felt inperceptably by everyone that comes in contact with finished inspired piece.

I'm hardly in Quarter, except right now at Cafe Envie, but yes, I will be taking more shots/video. Having WiFi and bandwidth issues, so maybe not something feasible until I get back.

As an update to this post, feeling this is apropos:

"What is essential is not the answer but the questions; the answers indeed are the death of the life that is in the questions." - R.H. Blyth

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