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Mar 02, 2007


Bruce Thomas

Inspiration is a rare commodity. You sure can't find it on the evening news. I found someone who is trying. Daryn Kagan, former CNN anchor, has started, an inspirational web site.

There is no room for good news on linear television...but there is online.


Evelyn, I'm getting so much from this series of posts. Thank you for including the Franti interview. I saw him interviewed on Josh Kornbluth's show a few months ago...Franti's one special dude. I was rather put off by the interviewer saying that Jamaica is "a scary place to make records." I live with a musician and have known many, and I can't think of one who's ever chosen a recording location based on whether or not it felt SAFE. How open can one's art be if SAFETY is a consideration? I couldn't help but smile when you mentioned 'spark.' I started a 'church' awhile back called The Church of the Divine Spark. It has nothing to do with a building or a theology or anything remotely was just my way of saying that I believe we all have a unique spark...and maybe we need to pay closer attention to it.

Venkata Subba Reddy

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Carol Tuttle

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