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Mar 29, 2007



In Spanish it's Catalina. Life from scratch, it's tne only one worth living. Teilhard de Chardin wrote of our coming moment calling it the Omega Point. I prefer to call it the Delta Point, the point of change, rebirth, and yes rebirth can be traumatic and sometimes dangerous, but it is the only reality. Bucky said it best. Utopia or oblivion. God bless you Evelyn.

Evelyn Rodriguez

My sense is it will be bit more than a Delta Point myself; the last few times the world ended it emerged anew in more of a Hegelian dialectic or spiraling evolution. This time feels to me to be a completion of that spiralling. And more about the end of fate altogether, which has quite radical implications. All previous "givens" will collapse, and those comfortable with blank slates, blank canvases, blank pages will thrive. This is not meant to sound ominous, I'm looking forward to a great age of creativity!

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