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Mar 19, 2007



What gifts could i possibly add to this table.

None ,tho~maybe a compliment is in need.
Thats the short of my comment today.

An eliquently written, or even a real comprehensive material i may never achieve .

Another day has past and another entry to these days of inspiration as began to make a draft to comment here.

Now that it has my points of interest may have changed a little from reading todays post; whether to post it now i contimplate as i go..; if so , for todays I will add the rest below.
i guess that defines my impulse then anyway.
Okay, then uncut, the whole draft , and then I must take a back seat, avoiding comments to resist; or just let this day's go...

yesterdays comment i drafted -i show:

Interesting to Note and Comment: Of the p.s."
"p.s. To date, we've focused on the receptive, contemplative side of inspiration. On the equinox, I'll be shifting to the active side of Her.""
Just to(and now thru) the halfway point of the 40 days of inspiration.
My comment not to critique, but to add in the mysterious draw that others may have felt to surf back to this blog for their own reasons; the irony i note of is of my own; that is to note that my connections thru the weekend of thoughts that i could relate to , are just that(my own) , but that others may have had many , just not the time to share, or haven't seen this to compare.
For me , to note of my thoughts on the monarch butterfly as they migrate, and a quick and short thought on the mothman that film and legends have related.
From Leonardo,(Catching a Theme relates to this link, but I will link it to my own typekeypad favorites)" in the "Best Of" ninja turtles series on Sat/or\Sunday cartoons , where the episode this weekend also shared a journey to "seek the ancient one"... well, it was the ancient one that led him to the temple where he must fight his greatest opponent, which of course turns out to be himself(Leonardo)(anyones own self) upon which Leonardo overcomes and realizes the ancient one. The Ancient One, now asks to tell of, his own journey; that is, it was a journey "to the crossroads"

... LASTLEY ,Not to forget about a somewhat abstract New Orleans; to read of your journey online,
My thoughts in comparison to a journey may lead upstream, and could be hundreds or thousands of miles, if you haven't already had the experience.
Those big ships keep on rolling, thats for sure.
A tourguide on a an old sternwheel can provide a history and story of the old rivers that many never knew.
Your work here flows many directions.
If its immiterial it may wash downstream, or to a useful place it may find a shore; and from what comes from the stream above, it could find its way under our feet.
a pleasent part of journey this has been for me here.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~so that was yesterdays~~~~~

For today, I did wonder...
...of the ancient one , of cartoon , and real ancient days of past...
...I have thought of this before, but since it has re~occured~ maybe again I should resist the thought, or bridle my commenting...
If to say before the days of Moses that there may have been laws and physics of the earth; yet, once in stone it was in writing and the same laws could have aplied to the past... And on to many stories and religions told of "a thousand years of peace", in that before it arives that the same choices in living could be made throughout the day...even today...
just a thought
maybe just crumms to this table.
Maybe something I read on an earlier day in this 40 , would have been the same in comprehending, that is for myself,,, i remember it was 1 about New Orleans, or before Katrina...
...another note : will not be forgotten.

A plate on my own table, to set aside is a thought , ; this has been entertaining.
Just, Thanks alot

I add this to my favorites at once as this trackback to me, is new.


Really enjoyed the video, Evelyn. Listening to them play right now. Thanks!


Only liquid sunshine to be basked in this Equinoctal pm in south sf bay, but an abundance thereof. Equinox @ 7:07 (19:07) NOLA time... will be holding the space for you then.

Dozing off to tales of RMBS (Residential Mortgage Backed Security) based derivatives, in fantasy of understanding the financial precipice we r balanced on at this fulcrum b'tween winter of r dis satisfaction and summershine.

The old world disolves into our emerging shadow material as we rise, waking to the harmonizing light. Time to own up.

It's a hard labor of love gonna spring.

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