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Feb 06, 2007



It seems to me that when certain energies are present, the need to experience the essence of life itself is all-consuming. Just as painters must paint and poets must write, there's a time when the goal isn't a defined vocation, even an artistic one, so much as total engagement. Aliveness itself is the vocation. And when that energy is there, living is without regard to cost in money, power, status, etc; those are viewed as less authentic versions of aliveness; all low-grade substitutes, all cheats for something that wants to happen in an entirely different way. Then the only way to be really true to yourself is to let go completely and just pay attention to the messages encoded in your cells.

(This is my re-write of a passage I like in Carol Pearson's book, Awakening the Heroes Within.)

isabel gallagher

another wonderful post!

isabel gallagher

your posts inspire me! :up: - Positive Psychology Blog

I LOVE the picture at the top!

As for the chinese gardeners and recovering coronary patient - have you seen or heard of the book "Change or Die"? After a coronary bypass surgery, doctors tell patients, 'you must change your habits or you will die within three years.' One out of ten patients changes their habits. The others intend to for a month or two, and then revert to old habits.

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