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Feb 08, 2007


Nick Smith

"Life happens, jump in."

Hey Evelyn, you got it!

A tsunami, a rose, an ad on a bus, a stranger's glance, a 'chance' remark - all pull us towards stillness and the recognition of what is real and can never change - this Love that is always here. Life speaks to us in many tongues but it is still the same message.

It's only our thrashing around trying to 'get it' or 'make it happen' that creates all the problems and makes it seem so difficult. That's life's role not ours. Strange as it may seem to our over-educated, 'unworthy' minds.. our part is just to relax and enjoy the ride; - "lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach - waiting for a gift from the sea"... Eh, Evelyn?

It all works so beautifully, so serendipitously and so perfectly when we surrender to life itself, and just allow it all to flow through us un-resisted.

You're a wonderful wordsmith Evelyn, but I never thought you'd do it in four. I love you to pieces.

Enjoy your break.

The Monkey In The Corner


Thanks for the bonuses. I agree to the most of them especially the way to happiness with "sense of mission, the casual service of others, the solace of little delights, and finally, love for its own sake.", but not about being a 'sea'.

I think we (Persians) have a historical experience of that. After the Mongols hegemony over Iran, in 1218 A.D, the idea of reasoning and experiencing and scientific efforts was pushed to the corner and replaced with some state of religous inertia, and mystic openness to the universe in order to grasp the love of God and eternal joy and all.

I think that's exactly the numbness and silence in a sea that the author talks about, and I think it's very dangerous, because experience shows that such a sea will turn into a swamp soon or later, as happened to us.

I think being the origin and source for the rivers is a better idea and it's more humanly. I remind this quote from Faust:
"Human being likes inertia and I want someone always agitating him, someone like the Devil", God says.
And I think it's intelligent. We are born to be agitated and bearing and running!

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