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Feb 21, 2007



Ai. Lent is here already? Last year I renounced renunciation. I'm tempted to try the same again . . . saying YES to everything is a beautiful practice, and one to which I could, perhaps, recommit.


Evelyn, great idea on sharing practical tips for inspiration. I'm looking forward to reading them.

keith ray

This blogger I know from a writer's workshop. There's not "much" here, except possible inspirations for writing.

"Detail Muse: Drawing creative inspiration from the everyday details of life"

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks so much Siona, Kamal and Keith.

Siona, 'Yes!' sounds like a beautiful practice. One of my favorites. Whatever anyone feels called to do sounds good. I was in the shower (the place of much inspiration!) when I got the idea to do this focus between Fat Tuesday and Easter.

I'm not really taking a Christian focus to it, although I may bring something nondeminational. Jack Kerouac spoke of the Holy Ghost guiding the words that he penned frequently. However not thinking I'm taking this in a spiritual direction, although Buddhists call it prajna and it's also know as the Tao to Chinese. It could be the kiss of the Beloved for Sufis.

You will notice I didn't say a thing about giving ANYthing up ;-)


Just what I need! A muse!


And oh, Evelyn. My mother's post on Lent also reminded me of you.

I did notice that you /said/ nothing about giving up anything, but you seem to be abandoning beliefs all over the place . . . ;)

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hi Siona,
Oh, the beliefs are dropping me, not the other way around ;-) I didn't know your mom was on Zaadz too. She reminds me of the old Zen quote: "Do not search for truth, only cease to cherish opinions."

Hi Loofa,
A muse! The muse will appear everywhere soon, you'll see. But you brought up a good point about a human embodiment of the muse. I have often said my ideal partner, and I think the order says something about definitive about my preference, is a muse-collaborator-playmate-lover. I'll make sure to talk about human muses in next whatever 38 days or so.

Tammy Strnatka


Thanks for the thanks for the Toni Morrison quote.
My name is Tammy not Tracy though. My sister's name is Tracey.




Oh great and Fantastic blogger


atom heart mother where it all began

Justin Vicco


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