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Feb 22, 2007



I saw the same movie this week. That child, Leslie, seemed wise; maybe children are, in general, because their minds are already wide open.


Hi Evelyn,

I like your blogs - I'm impressed that you've been at this for a while! Good endurance.

I don't know if you've read this before, but in response to your question "how do you keep your mind wide open?" you may want to read 'The Heart of Sadness' by Chogyam Trungpa. It's a very brief chapter located in his book "Shambhala: the sacred path of the warrior". I read it once at a meditation retreat and it increased my understanding of what it means to 'open up'. Cheers from Canada, thanks for the words!

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hi Loofa, Yeah, I think Leslie was simply herself, instead of conforming which is tough in middle school. (Have you ever read "Reviving Ophelia"? - I think kids minds are wide open until they begin to value conforming and fitting in more.) Her natural self was compelling and allowed her to be available to the spontaneity and intelligence inherent in inspiration (although originality may not win you popularity contests in 7th grade!) This quote I came across reminded me of you the other day: "Fritz Perls once said that the only difference between a wise man and a fool is that the wise man know's he's playing." - Bernhard Gunther, Dying for Enlightenment

Of course, this actually sounds like the way of the fool to me.

Stevie, Thanks so much for stopping by and recommending "The Heart of Sadness" chapter. I am guessing it is about allowing your heart to go ahead and break open when it's heading that way. Not holding that at bay. I'll check it out. Namaste, e


Catching up on your posts...looking forward to seeing where you'll head during this 40-day exploration. Since you asked how we keep our MINDS (rather than hearts) wide open, I will say by writing. If I can get to a place where I can set my shame-guard (picture a full-body hockey mask) down for a moment...if I can be willing to look in those dark places behind my mask...then often through written words (which feel safer to me most times than spoken ones) I can sometimes open wide up top...and then, in the best moments, let me heart follow.


the diamond cutter by geshe michael roche is an amazing book for those trying to incorporate right use of will into their daily lives of doing business, i highly reccomend it and chogyam trungpa and tibetan heart yoga is elemental to our understanding for healing the world that's part of us, yet seems ironically somewhat out of reach. it isn't. heart yoga works. thank you for reminding me and thank you for the quote, "Usually we think of renunciation as celibacy, poverty, obedience, shaving your head, going off somewhere and leaving everything behind. Trungpa Rinpoche gave a Tantric, nondual interpretation of renunciation: "Renunciation means to let go of holding back." i wrestle with the spirits to no end to temper the soul within me. the hardest thing i find in getting to my creative process is getting myself "out of the way"! something that puzzles our western minds as we use substances like drugs and alcohol to temper our egos, but we end up with the side effects of abuse. not the same.


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