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Jan 02, 2007



What makes me optimistic about the edge's optimistic question is that they included three Dyson's (Freeman, Esther, George) as answerers. My favorite answer of all is George Dyson's, the return of sail. Frederick Soddy replaced Adam Smith's factors of production- land, labor, capital - with another trio- natural energy, human diligence, and creativity. Mr. Dyson is three for three. D'Arcy Thompson published a wonderful book many years ago called "On Growth and Form" in which he looked at the beautiful way that leaves are located on trees, Phylotaxis, so that all have access to the sun. George Dyson with Mr. Soddy makes me optimistic that we can arrange an economy that gives every person a chance to receive light and sustenance from our mutual hearth/heart. Plus we get to sail.

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