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Jan 08, 2007



Maybe the Show, Don't Tell mode goes something like this:

Evelyn didn't see the droplets skittering across her window; she felt them. She knew she was supposed to write, but she couldn't say anything until it was wholly in her face. It was a good day to get wet. "Everyday is," she thought, putting her coat back on its hook. Why bother getting dressed up for it? Why protect, when it's meant to release its pure cold onto the skin, pure taste onto the tongue? She looked into the sky: "That's it," she thought, "Rain!"

She stood there, the rest of us not really understanding. But she did. That was clear. Arms spread wide. "Rain!" she shouted. "Rain!"


thanks for giving Zaadz a chance ;) keep it flowing with your show and tell :)


Evelyn Rodriguez

Evelyn, shaking her head in amazement, with a twinkle in her eye, wonders just how she is going to respond to Dan's comment but as she doesn't have a clue she keeps typing away at the keyboard in hopes the act of typing taps into an answer. She is a big fan of stream-of-consciousness automatic writing so some of the drizzle Dan refers to could very well be within the interior of her head. She ponders Wikipedia's entry of "Show, Don't Tell" and decides that it is not a very complete explanation of Show, Don't Tell. This ain't ever going to read like a detective story. And she starts to answer the next comment.

C4Chaos, Yep, too easy to put people into an automatic definition and pin them down, and not even begin to explore the terra igcognita that everyone is. Even I do that. That's why I said it was funny that this person automatically pinned me down as 'new age' because it brought to light that I can easily do the same to others.

mackenzie chambers

re:jan 9th

"This blog will compromise whatever you thought spirituality was. I guarantee it.

(i am) Eccentric, sure. Trippy, I'd been called worse. Irreverent, yep. Edgy, uh-huh. Off-the-wall, okay. But, new age? At first I took umbrage....
So I think I get it that I may make some people uncomfortable talking about gurus, about oneness, about epiphany, about prayer, about unconditioned love."

my take on "new agey" is sloppy thinking demonstrated by assuming that language- especially pop language- is taken in and understood the same by all. Also, there is often a certainty that suffering, rage and sorrow can be by-passed in the spiritual journey. A lack of understanding that one turns to the direction of "love"(in quotes because of the infinite meanings) and then must take to rigourously observing our obstacles to such. It is in that rigour that the mind expands.

sister, your thoughts and ideas come pre-packaged and with not a little pride. Thomas Merton once said that perhaps those who had the least desire to be prophets were the ones most qualified.

Your joy in your own precious thoughts concerns me and annoys me. forgive my impatience.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Mackenzie, thanks for your comment. "There is often a certainty that suffering, rage and sorrow can be by-passed in the spiritual journey."

My experience is the opposite. It is one of the most wrenching experiences a personal individual can ever undergo. Until we realize we aren't exactly a personal individual -- or what we take our selves to be.

I would never have undertaken a spiritual journey of my own accord. I was relatively comfortably living a middle class life, albeit completely shutoff from my heart and quite numb, but why rock the boat? It was only when everything I knew was torn away from me in the space of a year that I had enough humility to ask some deep questions and keep following a thread of inspiration.

This post was mostly meant to say that I don't exclude or reject or resist certain subjects or things or people or places as being NON-spiritual.

I never claim to be a prophet. That would defeating my purpose and potentially place another in a position of believing that they don't know. And you know everything.

If I preach anything, it's follow YOUR own deepest desires and inner guidance. The path is parodoxically unique, and mine is not yours, and vice versa.

I tend to be exuberant. And certainly never perfect.

Maybe, yes, even prideful. I am grateful as it gets harder to find people that will call out your bullshit, and I will inquire into the pride aspect. Thank you.


Just an interjection here, projection is a well known psychological phenomenon. Impatience at another's pronouncements and correcting their path is a pure form of pride and if you will projection. I like your blog because it does not claim to be what it is not, not necessarily spirituality, but spiritual questions are part of your life, not necessarily marketing but marketing is part of your life, not a prophet or profit maker though both are present. Let your own consience be your brakes, your own heart speaks truer than any prophet coach, including this one. Your writings at their best are quite poetic, reflecting some sufi influence indeed. I heard a voice whispering in the night and it said "There is no such thing as a voice whispering in the night." (I can't remember the source for this, but it's not mine)
Keep dreaming large, and keep sharing your dreams.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Arkieology. Sure, there is probably some projection going on. Anytime I am irked or annoyed by another I look at myself too. But also, another friend asked me about the same time as Mackenzie's comment if I just liked to hear myself think. There was something in his statement that had me wonder about pride as an open inquiry, not necessarily taking it on completely, but inquiring.

I just came across this quote when searching for another Starbucks cup quote...

The Way I See It #177
"I think when we get angry at others, most of the time, we’re really angry at ourselves. It is not “us versus them” – we are all connected. Perhaps the anger comes in how much of “us” we see in “them.” Whether it is cutting someone off or taking more than one’s share, perhaps we are angry at ourselves for doing similar things every day. In any case, change will come when we stop pointing the finger and start looking in the mirror."

-- Christina Morton
Starbucks shift supervisor in Los Angeles, California.

mackenzie chambers

I was excited to be provoked, questioned and mostly felt blessed by your open-ess. and yes,arkielogy, of course, my first inward turning before I posted was about my own pride.( perhaps you may project some pride onto my "of course". perhaps you are right.)Mostly, I think, I am mistrustful of those who openly claim the spiritual way. I shoot an arrow and am desperate to find an equal or larger arc returned. Not sure, then if in this I am prideful, but I can barely contain a desire to keep spiritual inquiry( for lack of a better term)- which is everything to me- pure and sharp. The purity will lie not in my declaration, but in the dialogue that follows. In this, I feel surprisingly gratified by you both. Thank you. and I meant it when I said forgive me.


Mackenzie and Evelyn
I guess all I was thinking about was a sufi story in one of Idries Shah's books(I think). A well reputed man of learning was rowing his boat by an island and he heard a man chanting. He felt an obligation to go correct the man, as he had the chant all wrong, so the man rowed to the island and corrected the chanter. He got back in his boat and started to row away when he looked up and saw the man walking on the water next to him humbly asking him to repeat his instructions. I think purity of intention and practice far out strip any purity of ritual or of language, and that was my only point. If I sensed some pride in your first post I certainly sensed none in your second. So adieu and thanks for the kind and generous thoughts from all.


Spirituality is a matter of understanding self and awareness of others. Perhaps our religion and manifestation of lkife can be different form all the surrounding that salivate the understanding of spirituality and religion. To understand the essence of self spiritual guide to new life ferris wanli and not rely more on the understating of the life as a whole. To be on that level then we need the dogma of essence and more of the new trilogy of the higher power.


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