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Jan 11, 2007



Bread and Beer are also very close, but beer never made it to the eucharist. Living foods are wonderful. Butter, real butter is also amazing. When I was a boy in the Salinas Valley we had a Jersey cow named Betsy. When we let the cream rise from her milk it was so thick that the very top would not pour, you had to spoon it. But butter is another food that undergoes that metamorphisis, the milk/cream has to clabber, or to the untrained eye, go bad. Once the milk has clabbered it must then be shaken, repeatedly. The ultimate product, beautiful yellow living butter. It was my job to shake a gallon of milk/cream every saturday morning while watching cartoons, until the butter appeared. And then we could butter our bread to our hearts content.


Great post. Bread is so much more than people can see. It is a shame that the terms "Wonder" and "Sliced" have dragged it down.

As the poet said, "A loaf of bread, a glass of wine. . . ."

Remember, no one can stay mad at you if you give them something you bake:-)


And a wonderful wine it shall be when it is released...

vaspers the grate

What an incredible post! The bread and wine are alive, via yeast. A companionable being, great phrase.

I feel spiritually refreshed already. Thanks for the comment on my Spiritual Sloth book post.


vaspers the grate

I have an animist streak in me. I feel sorry for cars that get crashed and wrecked. The driver was stupid, drunk, or at wrong place wrong time. But the car was usually innocent.

vaspers the grate

Don't the Jains say that even rocks have one sense, feeling?





[url=][/url] Before the hurricane hit, Covenant House in Atlantic City had already filled its 60 beds and began placing people on cots and couches. As Executive Director Jill Rottmann put it, "when the news of the hurricane surfaced, so did homeless kids who needed to find emergency shelter." Making matters worse, Atlantic City would soon be evacuated, forcing these youth to spend the better part of three weeks moving among four temporary locations in South Jersey and Philadelphia..

[url=][/url] So maybe he doesn if he feels too much pain. I still disagree with sitting Barrie.

[url=][/url] The new collective bargaining agreement actually has not been fully put into place yet. There is still only an outline of the general terms, but all the fine print stuff has not been officially put in place.

[url=][/url] I was worried about this game, and our d line did not show up today. Credit the FSU o line, 150 games of combined starts showed.

[url=][/url] Put more simply, it a supercharged American rock roll classic.We taken everything we do and gone to 10 with it," says the singer. "This is definitely the Gaslight Anthem record I would want next, if I were a fan.

[url=][/url] However, my love for my state, my university and its people is a distant second to one man: Tim Pernetti, former Rutgers Athletic Director, and the only man I have ever met who is prouder to be born and raised in the Garden State than I. I promise there is a point to my rant about state pride: the only men and women who should love our state and our people more than I, and even more than Tim, are our stateelected officials, such as our congressmen and women, our senators, but, most importantly, our governor.

[url=][/url] But as far as we go, as players, it out of control. As bad as it sounds, you can waste any time and effort worrying about it because it out of our hands.

[url=][/url] But that personal relationship may have been what ultimately cost CBI custody of Martins to the FBI. After the botched operation in the season finale, the two organizations found themselves coming literally to blows and reluctantly working together in the same episode.

[url=][/url] The biggest problem for UM's defense is its inability to get penetration from its front four. The Hurricanes generated only two tackles for losses (both sacks) on Saturday.

[url=][/url] There were a few complaints, such as the plastic grille breaking when the hood was slammed, or one of the most serious problems: the inside door handles breaking off in a passenger's hand. Dealers soon learned to keep plenty of these parts on the shelves, and fleet owners of Pintos often ordered cases of door handles just to keep the cars on the road..

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