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Jan 31, 2007



claro que si mi amiga. que tu necesitas al principio es un lugar que tiene hambre para un poco de publicidad, y ellos pueden cobrar los gastos de su aventura. I've heard that Salinas is just such a place and in great desire to lose their cow town status, a la san jose 50 years ago. richard florida is driving a lot of dollar decisions around municipalities these days, cause everybody wants to attract the creative class. They have Monterey near by and are so jealous of their neighbor that they would probably underwrite the whole thing. They want their Steinbeck Center to become a beacon, they have a pretty little downtown, and who knows. I keep seeing your Steinbeck book on the side column and I think it is a good choice. Build a geogesic dome that can be taken down and moved to house your various functions that won't fit in existing structures. I want to be there by the way, so let me know.

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