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Jan 01, 2007


Jason Bates

I read this yesterday, and thought that it might fit here...

"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them."

Henry David Thoreau




Hi: I was reading "Lipsticking" and clicked on Yvonne's link to your blog and started reading. I am moved to comment on this particular post as I just wrote on my blog on Dec. 31st a post about being moved to tears by joy (
And your "live into your writing" phrase especially resonsates with me too, as I've read through some journals from previous times and have marveled at all that has become of what I've written -- all true. But I've never heard it described that way before -- so for that, I must say Thank You.


Just last evening I wondered about drums of steel and metals.
"Ever Wonder?" as a quote in thought, I , now, often instantly remember the picture above...
...and wonder-... of its beauty, or is there some pain; almost humorously (with efforted thoughts) to think to say, "hey, would some icecream make it better?" (remembering some lists ) ; better though in some good wihout effort more ..of some grace and gracefullness of both the woman and the thought of her with this same question; of the picture in general... of its meaning..., of what are her thoughts; tranquility, my usual conclusion.
And Poetic it is of what you link in the "Intention #1: Speak Love Fluently" in "if ever Being clear and committed around a theme or vision" could I ballance; and poetic to a Sabbatical, for me-without the "want", and to clairify my thoughts through a wonder of a psalms and its titling "The LORD, the psalmist's shepherd" ; even this I suppose is just a drift to what I gather in/on the net.

Of Wonder; As just today it is, as is in this very moment that I rest in front of one of those, you could say, that "is the one of my heart", though she knows or knew, as much as time has passed that she would not remember, and as much as my silence of it is to avoid some disservice I think to an "if ever again to remind or bring mention of it to her again"; that in all I thought it cute to compliment the moment in writing, to reflect the notions of wondering "I wonder what she's thinking" (funny, trust me, that would not happen to her of me..right word~?~out of my league~, ...?) to compliment not only that I was, but just that it was good; or even when anyone has wonders of that of another...when they were, and it was honorable good.
Anyway it is also in the moment it took to add this, that it was her time to leave, passing me by, by what, "just an ironic schedule" or "some will of God" - as He knows and that I think- I should not try to define, even in this alone as quotioned, to what that might be.
Hey maybe its just a lunch break, because in my truth, it is a fact that my stomach growls, and that it is in doing what it is that I need to be for myself, there it will probably be the best place to find what it is best to do, resolving matters of wonder.
Having and using authority over some our own thoughts ourselves, it is of todays post that brought me back to this to comment here today; giving much need in the area that calls for clarity, I chose to ponder the words to comment, and whether to post there or not, but to say something of the least today, if even by email, or both; the hope is that post "will be today" (after lunch). and to write it there a bits more piphi.

Lorelei F

Ask questions and live into the answers is a very great concept. It works nicely with the popular trend that we can create our worlds by shifting our perceptions and ways of being.
Thanks for the insight.
Lorelei F

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