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Jan 18, 2007



Hello, Evelyn,

Just as you stumbled onto my blog, Notebooks, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that you have linked to me. I'm very grateful for that, also becayse for once it shows just how social and enlightening blogging can be. You see, I heard of Peter Brook, but never read his books. Now that I notice your passion, my interest is ignited.

Now, I noticed in your profile you're interested in Italian Renaissance. I happen to have been specialising in early modern period myself since 1999, taking a particularly close look at the 16th c. literature, arts and culture. If you feel like conversing on the subject involving politics, social mores, and/or art, that maybe necessary for your book, I'll happily see if I can help. Don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Otherwise, it's nice to see that Breton and Huizinga have brought our blogs together. :-) My best wishes at whatever you do!


Julie Delvaux

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