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Dec 01, 2006


Brian Oberkirch

I just gave the Blog NOLA Yahoo group a shout out. We'll see if anyone has more ideas.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks so much Brian. I tried to ping so many folks today and you, Tara & Chris (, Siona ( are the ones that got back right away.

I meet interesting people all the time as everyone is interesting in their own way, but somehow he also seemed to be a living breathing representative of a much bigger story. Anyhow, he really impressed me somehow and I even woke up in the middle of the night knowing I had to do something.

Brian volunteered to set up a wp blog.

Now I could use help setting up a wiki.

Thinking setting it up by geography (?) so folks by area can suggest where to stay, what street corner he's currently playing, how to get to the next leg, etc. Where's Waldo? Where's Wyatt? Maybe. Kind of thinking a blogger or so per city can pass the baton onto the next city/town.

I had trouble reaching him today, so I'm not sure how he's doing or where's he at. My car isn't working, or I'd have gone searching for him.

One problem is that he obviously doesn't have a laptop. He probably ducks into libraries etc to check email from time to time. So anyway we can help him get something cheap, reliable for communication purposes would help a whole bunch. His cell phone is kinda intermittent battery wise. Verizon told him he isn't eligible for a new cell until his contract runs out in June.

Well, out of ideas for now. I'll be fresher in the morrow. Thanks all.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Just got an SMS from Wyatt, so he's at a rehearsal studio in Redwood City tonight. (He still doesn't know bout this experiment.)

Evelyn Rodriguez

Wyatt's doing good; he's keen on human interaction and conversation, which he doesn't get too much of street-performing, so if you are in the area stop by to say hi. You can catch him playing next few days back on University Ave in Palo Alto, he's trying to secure a place near the Borders (across from the Apple store). I believe the cross street is Kipling.

Evelyn Rodriguez

I had dinner with David ( and Wyatt last night in Palo Alto. He's been hanging out more north, sometimes in city, sometimes in Redwood City, because he has sort of has a place to crash. He came to Palo Alto last night since I was there.

I got a lot more of his story. He's been on the road, hitchhiked to Bay Area from Humboldt, for about three weeks. It was Olympia, WA where he was with his band when Katrina hit, not Humboldt.

He lived in Ninth Ward, so he sensed it was totally gone, although he had trouble getting in touch with folks to confirm that. He did get a hold of his boss, and knew that the recording studio on the edge of the Ninth Ward was destroyed. One of the band members had family in Humboldt, so they all headed there since they had an invitation to stay there as long as they needed to. But the economy in that area isn't very good, he said.

He just really feels he belongs back in Nola and can be of service now. He's done a lot of nonprofit work previously, fundraising via music shows and also teaching a computer lab for at-risk youth.

Anyhow, I think I'll be blogging more about, but lately I've noticed there are two kinds of artists out there, those who see the world from a lens of shared interests, and those who will. Right now, I'd like to focus on working and representing those that are already operating from the mindset of their work is bigger than themselves, much more than simply self-expression.

He's trying to get down to San Diego as soon as possible - then save up to make it east from there. He's hesitant to go to LA first, as I speculate that he figures it's a tougher street scene there.

BTW, he says he's a much better piano player than guitar player "but it's harder to haul on the road." He studied with the pianist Ellis Marcellus, who had him come to Nola at age 15 after he listened to a tape Wyatt sent him.

jen lemen

evelyn, this is ze frank's running fool experient that you're longing for, only with a soulful twist. google it.



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