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Dec 07, 2006



Artist Dates are supposed to be fun and interesting to the person taking them ... I've never seen them prescribed as having to be spirtual... yikkes can't imagine anything more off putting.. to go and be 'spiritual' it makes me think of badly dressed people cultivating a superiour holier than thou attitude. go and have some FUN!

Evelyn Rodriguez

Spirituality is often seen to be synonymous with piety, but that's not what I mean at all. Young children, for instance, naturally gravitate towards people, places, and things that are awake, those people, places, and things which are kicking up an unseen storm, and dancing merrily with infusion of spirit. I often let kids be my guide on artists' dates.

As Adyashanti says, which he covers more in depth in the book, hanging out with awake people, places, and things will uplift you and place you in a more naturally harmonious and creative mood, quite often permanently if you are willing to invite it in all the way.

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