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Dec 08, 2006


Vinny Cooch

Arid talk in a pathless desert with the occasional oasis somewhere on the horizon. ;)

Evelyn Rodriguez

Cute metaphor play Vinny.

Well, actually the forty days theme for the book is set in one of the most fertile areas of the country, Silicon Valley, in spring 2006.

p.s. I appreciate your generosity ;-), guys, please I really don't need any more propositions for help in the lovemaking department via email.

Flirting is really a spontaneous playful engaged open-ended art of curiosity and wonder and questing about people, all ages, and men and women, too. It's really the cornerstone, or foundation, of slow marketing too.

You pin a woman into a corner when an overt sexual proposal is offered by a stranger, and usually the response is an automatic No. Thus shutting down a mutual exploration early because it simply feels creepy. You may feel you know me because you read my blog often. But do not forget that I do not know YOU.

I wholly enjoy lovemaking but there was a reason I called it lovemaking, and a reason it doesn't happen frequently. Anyhow, as kundalini energy rises through the 'yoni' or 2nd chakra, or sacral chakra, it keeps going to the crown for me, and I can redirect it toward creative pursuits as well. It doesn't have to be expressed solely with a man, sexually.

BTW, here's one of the best things I've read about kundalini, creativity and sexuality in a long time, it nearly parallels my own views and experiences:

Paul Peterson

'You got Grokked'........that is a word that I do not often hear. That word has come to have special significance to me because I associate that word to Doug Englebart (the mouse, H-lam/t, augment, NICs, ect.) and his invisable revolution.

Just sharing a random thought/association.

P.S. I "grok" you too.



If upon awakening we were all to look in the mirror, we would see the cause of all our problems.
Constantly looking at ourselves allows us to see the world, and everyone in it, as it really is, but who cares to look at themselves when it is so much easier to blame, resent etc. Paul

Evelyn Rodriguez

Upon awakening none is to blame. There is a sense that "you" are more akin to the mirror you speak of itself - which cannot be marred by the coming and going of images - no matter how we judge them, frightful or beautiful. It holds all equally.


I like your take on life and spirituality. You say your blog is not spiritual, but I think it is. It is infused with it, with your soul, and it shows through :)

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