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Dec 12, 2006


Chris Campbell

It's a strange combination of fear and excitement when you start to realize what you have to do. You're right on the edge of something wonderful and I can't wait to see what you do. I took a leap a few years ago which ended in failure and then it brought me to a place where I'm very happy and it wouldn't have been possible without the failure. Sometimes it's easy to become complacent and not see things around you, but when the universe keeps pointing things out to you it becomes difficult to ignore, so you have to stop flirting and either become intimate or try something else. I'm guessing that you know what you want and need to do and you're just savouring the flirting for a while.


Thank you for this, Evelyn. The principles around "failure," the process of hitting bottom and waking up to something else are profound and universal, tactile, embracing, not just an image and idea. When you see it coming, and everything is prepared, it's just a rehearsal. When the real thing hits, the brick of reality, after working so hard to remain unconscious, it's always a different deal: better, harder, harsher, cleaner, freeing. Clear the spring with your own hand. It's a beautiful thing, and damn, the water is so cold it makes your flesh ache.


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