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Dec 30, 2006



Sounds like a great way to start a fresh year Evelyn. Keep on writing and growing. Happy New Year

Nick Smith

Evelyn, Intention #1 does not compute.
You speak the language of Love perfectly already. X

David Wolfe

Evelyn, your posts often come into my consciousness like a warm soft spring breeze pushing out the remanants of a nasty wintry reprise. "Speak love fluently." What lovlier thought could there be?

I don't know if you've yet had a chance to get into the galley of the new book I'm co-author of that is coming out in February under the Wharton imprint, but I think it says much about how the winds of love are permeating corporate cultures that the nation's first or second ranked business school is publishing a book with the title, "Firms of Endearment."

Marketing Guru Phillip Kotler wrote a blurb for the book saying, "This book not only challenges capitalism's traditional marketing paradigm but the very "genes" of capitalism. If any book is going to launch a New Capitalism of Caring, it is this book that redefines great companies as stakeholder value builders, not just shareholder agents."

We are indeed entering a new era, one that I call "The Age of Transcendence". This new era appears destined to lift us to new and loftier levels of human beingness, notwithstanding appearances to the contrary that are often reflected in dark headlines.

Thanks for another lovely post -- and may 2007 outshine 2006 for you.


Evelyn Rodriguez

John, Thanks so much for your kind words and may you ring in the new year with love.

Nick, Haha, you are bad for my ego. Or is that good for my ego? I take it you were being generic. As love is the fundamental essence, what is there to learn fluency in? It's our native tongue, eh? Of course we are fluent already! Yes, you're right. I once wrote as part of a larger poem/prose thingie: "We try to be loving. When we are love. We try to be poetic. When we are poetry." The faltering with this innate language seems to be when I put up blocks & obstacles to its constantly effusive noncensored expression. I trip over my tongue when I try to defend, judge, interpret and protect what is innocent, raw, naked, vulnerable, open.

David, So much to write back that is worthy of an entire post, way beyond the scope of a comment. Thank you for the book, I've only just started "Firms of Endearment." I'll address the Age of Transcendence and what I mean by love (not an emotion as much as essence) in a future post. Thanks for triggering the new post too with your thoughtful comment. Well, I'm not always a soft fresh breeze, sometimes it is more like a savage thunderstorm that sweeps the land raw, stark clean but tingling crystal-clear after.

This is a love that many find infuriating too and come down hard on 'me' because it does not differentiate in terms of right/wrong, corrupt/non-corrupt, fucking up the world/saving the world, meaningless/meaningful and thousands of other divisions. It's too encompassing for all that.

"Stop imagining yourself being or doing this or that and the realization that you are the source and heart of all will dawn upon you. With this will come great love which is not choice or predilection, nor attachment, but a power which makes ALL things love-worthy and lovable." — Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, from "I Am That"

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