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Nov 14, 2006



I'm glad the blog made the cut!

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Ric. Some day somewhere in future it won't and that's okay too. Usually it's not so deliberate, but there will be a sense of completion and that will be the curtain call. It's healthy for me to know I can survive fine without a blog too, which one realizes is very true on these long protacted breaks.

This post is more about that sense of completion, that accompanying sadness, and new doors and vistas opening.

A friend writes today:
"The world feels a bit lonely today,
tho the sun shines. I find sometimes that I cant go far with people, that
after a while their expectations of what people are, how they are, limit my
own ability to be and to grow. It's sad. I hope you're well, and thinking of

I reply: "It really *is* a beautiful day, I got the extension cord out to the yard. So I'm here outdoors writing to you.

I think I understand...Kinda wrote about that yesterday in blog. Really out of practice writing, and it shows.

I have come to accept that some groups, some people, drift out of my life as I grow - and new ones appear. A few friends stay with me because they're growing more or less with me, but my fidelity is ultimately to the process, to life, to the whole, and thus to growth in the end, rather than any individual."


I really love this post, Evelyn. I've been blogging a little over 3 years, and occasionally I just want to never write another post or read another blog. So I pull back a bit and cut myself some slack and try to remember that I have a 'real' life. But the past few months have felt not so either/or as they have in the past. I think I have the soul of a Luddite and have sometimes struggled with how to seamlessly merge my virtual cravings with my simultaneous desire to unplug. I've greatly enjoyed what you've shared on this blog in the time I've been reading here (and it's been awhile now). And when the day comes that you'll step away from it, I'll wish you well...knowing that wherever your passion inspires you to go will be right where you need to be.

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