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Oct 13, 2006



" just let go, and then let go of letting go."
I just love that line.
Isn't this the thing......Will I be true to Truth or my latest idea of what is still needed?

Thanks for this Evelyn,.....I've just ordered 'Emptiness Dancing'.

bud ozborn

"When you allow care and devotion and attention and passion and stillness into your life, it doesn't end. Everything matters, now."

Now that's a deeply penetrating realization, and well-appreciated.

Speaking for myself, that's the nut of the resistance, right there. ( that and the fact that winter is COLD :O))
An overwhelming sense that Everything matters,
brings immediately along with it some deeply felt sense of responsibility, and an incredible urgency, and no answers at all, and so a kind of deer-in-the-headlights paralysis.

And so the letting go.
How else could we loosen the stranglehold the mind's necessity has on our experience?

Focusing on the spirit of the moment, rather than how its going to turn out, begins with a stance of open appreciation that you breathe and weave so wonderfully into your posts, and allows all of it arise in a joyfully incoherent harmony, whichever way it goes, moment to moment.

I guess we call that innocence, and wonder as well.

Anyway, it seems like its time for a poem:

Eyes bright, heart glowing,
what can be heard with the
Heart is already singing, Mr. Hongzhi said quietly.

Patch-robed monks practice enjoying this song without owning a single thread. Open-mindedly sparkling and pure, they are like a mirror reflecting a mirror, with nothing regarded as being outside. They illuminate everything fully, perceiving nothing as separate objects. (they even clean up their studio apartments:)
This is called taking up the burden from the inside, and is how to shoulder responsibility.

Wisdom illuminates the darkness without confusion. The Way integrates with the body and its world and does not get stuck. From this unstuck place, engaging and transforming appropriately at each opportunity, the wisdom never leaks out.

The moment remains empty and fresh, and the valley spirit echoes the subtle, life-giving sound.



I wrote a comment that apparently got lost in the thin air...after all, I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you

jen lemen

this is so lovely, evelyn. i feel the same way about winter. it is a wonderful deepening time for my soul. and i'll be feasting on all my "someday" special papers today in your honor. :)

Tony D. Clark

Wonderful post Evelyn. I love Adya's words and the messages he conveys. I always said that it's hard to explain truth, but when you hear it, you'll know it.

If you enjoyed Emptiness Dancing, you'd probably enjoy some of his mediations. Some really cool, non-effort, no-mind stuff.


What beautiful words to be reminded of for a purposeful winter, to be self introspective and slough of the dead past and move forward.....

looking forward to more of your writing.

Herbis Orbis

Well well, here I am to remind you that in 2006 you were someone somewhere sometime, writing this wonderful post about the stripping away of attachments at wintertime. It is as relevant and resonant now as it was then. Thanks Evelyn ---

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