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Oct 09, 2006


Colleen Wainwright

Fascinating. I just heard 'Imagine' on the radio this morning (John Lennon's birthday) as I was driving to the printer, and felt like it was the first time *I* had heard it.

Lovely post.


thanks for those quotes.
never read much henry miller, but now i might.

what a wonderful post.

big inspiration from the big sur and some big writing about a big writer, closing with a some big silence under a big night sky and a big-heart-imagining.

may the blessings flow.


Love it.


Very nice piece, Evelyn. Thanks for sending such a sweetly fragrant breeze out into the blogosphere.


"I keep thinking that you, dear reader, desire formulas" - last thing I'd think of looking for here, Evelyn. I can't "browse" this site - I HAVE to read each post at least a couple of times to get everything (well, maybe I don't get 'everything' even) - as much as possible - out of it. I have to wait until I've got the time to appreciate it, because it deserves the effort.

Peter Fleck

Ms. Rodriguez,

Thank you for this beautiful post. It's Sunday and cold as hell in Minneapolis (30F!!). Your writing has warmed me.

I read Miller long ago and I think I will pick him up again.

Found you via Gaping Void. I've grabbed the feed.

May you live with ease and joy in this world. (Judging from your bio, you seem to be doing pretty well in this area.)


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