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Sep 06, 2006


Bob Yu

Are you going to Ken Wilber talk? Because I will be in NYC for that.


Kind greetings from Canada Evelyn! And, great post.

Why? Because it affected me emotionally. Changing jobs, changing lifestyles, changing emotions at first blush, at least in my experience, can be a bit of a bother. In retrospect from the vantage point of almost sixty years of living, people often don't like it. So many roles (like theatre), father and single parent (eight grown children) a while, Type A is my thirties and early forties, made a million, lost a million. Thought love was once and forever. Learned, learned, learned and changed for the better. For example I like the honesty and writing in your blog, so will visit more often. Have you ever listened to that great tune as sung by Jimmy Durante, something to do with "smile though your heart is breaking".

Il a un perroquet qui parle

Comments on "Right Livelihood" -Frederick Lenz "Rama"

If you seek enlightenment, then career is a very important idea on your agenda.

A Buddhist is working not just to get paid, but working to advance spiritually. You shouldn't create a syntactical break in your mind between your career and your religious practice.

Is is necessary to have a strong focus. Work will give you that focus.

In Buddhism you study how to release the kundalini to the levels that would certainly afford career success. If we move it further, into the planes of knowledge and wisdom, it enables the practitioner to do just about anything.

It is possible to renounce everything and attain enlightenment. But most people don't want to renounce; they wish to run away from responsibility and hard work.

Insight into the world of Suits

Band of outsiders is very innovative..

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