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Aug 02, 2006



Evelyn, as always I appreciate your take on things. I, too, just posted in response to Jory's post at BlogHer. It could be said that you write a boutique blog (and I mean that in the best sense). In her book, Living Out Loud, Keri Smith has an exercise called "Lifestyle for sale." "If you were to open your own lifestyle store, what would you sell?" I always find that the most delightful shops to stumble upon are those places where the products don't fit neatly into a category, but rather seemed to have been lovingly selected by the proprietess because they're things she loves. And that's why I continue to read here. Your blog doesn't fit into an easy niche...but I always get the sense that you're writing from a place of passion.

Yvonne DiVita

Evelyn, you've captured the essence of female-ness well. I often try to pound this idea into people's heads - women are about connectiong, not disecting - but, I don't know how well I succeed. I especially like the "the new big is small." That's the defining idea, to me, of what's happening via social media. We're all small business owners, of a sort, many, many women, some men, and - a number of combinations. Small but fiesty, successful, connected, and - dare I say it: unique, in our own right.

Some of us came by this on accident - we were lured into that old boy's network that said bigger is better (size does count) and that success was measured by $$ - big houses, big cars, big boats - instead of by comfort level. When we realized the comfort level (in business and how it related to us, the women, the Mom, the gal helping out)was more about what was important to us not what was important to Fortune Mag or Inc. or Business 2.0 (3.0 now?) we were happy to throw those shackles off and revel in our simplicity.

My business is small - and growing - but we (Tom and I) have made the conscious choice to keep it at a level we can manage on our own. The comfort is in knowing our clients as friends - the better to serve them well. As I'm fond of noting - we have the 'fame' part down pat - now we're wondering if we want the 'fortune' part all that much. Not that we want to work for free, mind you. LOL

I think I need to read Keri Smith's book - thanks to Marilyn for the head's up. Marilyn is so right that this blog does not fit into a neat category and that's part of the power of it. We always find conversations worth passing on, and thinking about. That's what I like - you make me think. Keeps me young!


Your blog doesn't fit into an easy niche...but I always get the sense that you're writing from a place of passion.

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