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Aug 18, 2006



Evelyn, you're a delight of ideas. It was so wonderful revisiting that conversation through your eyes, and I love that it'll be continued here! Your reconception of seasonality is evocative; I like how it captures sustainability and the ideal of cycles and iteration instead of disposability and waste.

And you know, I can't help but note how that link you posted to the fashion designer Beccaria, with the family's fresh bread, captures both the immediacy of now and the beauty of tradition: the old fashioned oven and the bread itself makes me think this is a practice that's generations old. It's a lovely metaphor of Tolle's Eternal Now, I think. This Seaon Only, and This Season Always.


This was a brilliant post! Even though I feel the way you do about loving the temporal, I couldn't have written with such artistry. Bravo!

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