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Jul 25, 2006


Robert 'Groby' Blum

As for who the woman is: As far as I can tell, she's stock photo eye candy for a fashion article on a medicinal web site. (Yes, I'm a native German. No, that doesn't mean this makes any sense to me ;)

As for Salons: the problem here is that our society conditions us to live in seclusion. Most of us know only people in a close social circle. So, open call: I'd like to host a salon in L.A. - where are the creative people who'd like to join in?


Someone has to ignite the first spark to inspire that collective effort...and you seem to do that so well. :)

Paul Herman

Hi Evelyn,
I just ran across your blog by accident & at first glance it seems unusually interesting- I will be back! (I was in Chiang Mai for the tsunami) but I am only writing in respomse to McInerney's poem: I disagree! It seems to me Aristotle's advice to do everything in moderation is in itself a form of extremism.

If you're interested I'll explain why. Nice meeting you albeit virtually,

Paul Herman

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