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Jul 22, 2006



As one of those who is sick to death of cheap mass-produced crap from China, cheap mass-produced food full of corn, and cheap mass-produced houses and cars with no style, I am adoring the artisan trend. I look for it in pretty much everything I actually buy these days. You're lucky to be in San Francisco where those things are easier to find. Here in San Diego suburbia, not so much. Finding the simplest things, like a tablecloth that isn't one of this years trendy colors, becomes so difficult. I took up sewing just to be able to make decent cushions, and ended up making my own Christmas wrapping bags from some lovely silk brocade and wrapping other gifts in silk pillowcases.

My tiger-loving eldest would have loved those clothes when he was little, but he's 20 now. Luckily for us there's ComiCon this week, where the boys can pick up their wardrobes for the fall. But even there, there was hardly anything really "out there" this year, it's gone way too corporate for my tastes.


Niti Bhan

Evelyn, you have a sense for the zeitgeist of the times, and have picked it up almost telepathically. Just today I found myself thinking about italian design with a post on core77 and then to read your post... The supperclub is indeed a lovely experience.

Yvonne DiVita

Evelyn, this is a real treat. Can we really - as a society - be turning to the finer things in life, so appropriately, rather than give in to mass produced goods? Simona's jewelry is so remarkable, I was more than delighted to share it, via her blog. Your post, along with these comments, make me happy to know that the whole world is not going over to the dark side, i.e. Wal-mart!

Creativity and art are the foundation of all communication - it's in the image we have of ourselves and others, that we learn to explore the secrets we hold inside. Those images are best served by cutom- designed adornments; clothes and baubles and jewels that shine with spirit and meaning. If one cannot design her own (as I cannot) then, we need rely on talented aritisans, such as yourself, and Simona - and her excellent jewelers.


...cose belle d'Italia, dolce vita, dolce far niente, cioccolato e nocciola, toscana...guarda che combinazione, a proposito di cose belle: stamattina sono andato alla Galleria Borghese a vedere la mostra "Raffaello da Firenze a Roma". Sai che questa mostra è la prima grande mostra di taglio monografico che Roma dedica a Raffaello anche se questo può sembrare paradossale, essendo Raffaello considerato il pittore "romano" per eccellenza. E’ Raffaello infatti che, una volta giunto a Roma, con geniale sintesi formale, stabilisce una volta per sempre l’immagine stessa della dottrina, traduce i contenuti religiosi in immagini di tale forza che da allora l’intera civiltà occidentale si confronterà (o si scontrerà) con essi.
La mostra poteva essere realizzata solo alla Galleria Borghese, poiché in essa si trova l’opera capitale per la comprensione di questo passaggio, la celebre "Deposizione", opera che per dimensioni e delicatezza è inamovibile.
Bella questa cosa su Epicuro...mi piace (a parte il dolce far niente e la contemplazione del bello, le cose più importanti per epicuro erano il culto dell’amicizia, il rispetto per la giustizia e l'altruismo!!) VIVA EPICURO


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