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Jun 01, 2006


Tom Melkonian

I enjoy your writings and especially enjoyed today's on meditation. A few months ago I had a profound experience which seized me. Some very unfortunate and unpleasent things were going on in my life, I needed to find a new home, and I was very unhappy, angry, upset and anxious, unable to sleep. After falling asleep in exhaustion one night, I gradually awoke to find myself in a deep meditative or hypnotic state. It was as if I was floating inside a bubble of comfort, absolutely relaxed, yet gradually becoming more keenly awake and aware of what was going on in my life (but not feeling so upset about it). I could feel the dark heavy energy of my pain sort of gathering in my chest. It became more and more clearly defined, and then I felt as if a "hand" was gently pushing that energy out of me, leaving me feeling relieved and supremely relaxed. I drifted off to sleep after that and had pleasent dreams and woke up feeling much more sane. I definately feel like I received some help that evening (even if it was from another part of myself).
I've never been a formal meditator before, but I am familiar with all kinds of states through music etc, and I find myself trancing out when running or riding a bicycle etc. Since that experience I have made an effort to get back to that healing state, with some good results. Anyway I just thought I would share that because what you wrote today reminded me of that spontaneous experience.
Also, I thought I would pass this blog along in case you are interested:
You might enjoy it, the writer is an 80-year old Danish man, a close friend of mine who is an buddhist, writer, painter and African music enthusiast (loves to play drums) who lives here in Santa Cruz. He has many amazing stories which he tells of in short pieces throughout the blog. His paintings are on display here too, many with buddhist spiritual themes. He has written and published a translation of the Tao Te Ching.
Though you might enjoy his blog.



- I have entered the spaceless space, timeless time, placeless place that even writers cannot tread. Where symbols halt. When Silence speaks.-

Very poetic. I agree that it is hard to describe moments of self-awareness and meditative states. Thank you for your posts, I enjoy them very much:)


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