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Jun 28, 2006



Morning glories, Basho and friendship!, how wonderful to begin the day with this reading!


First, I am so envious that you got to meet David Parmet.

Second, I am floored by how connected your writing has been lately. Don't know whether you're tapping into some great trend or just what personally resonates with me right now, but it's a marvel. *You're* a marvel.


Beaultiful post, thank you. My own take on this article was not nearly so enthralling. If more people around were like you, perhaps I would be moved from my own hermit-like state at the moment.

But here, surrounded in suburbia by the people caught up in what their latest SUV looks like and how big their house is and what Ivy League college their kids are getting into, I am at a loss for those like you, and meet you all only on the Internet it seems. I love my neighbors, in our little small houses, but we live in the older part of town, surrounded by the newer McMansions.

I find my most pleasant conversations with the checkout people at the grocery store these days, those who actually work for a living and are glad for a few moments spent with someone who is pleasant and treats them as a fellow human being instead of people bitching at them for making them wait.

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