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Jun 02, 2006


keith ray

When Steve Jobs left (or was forced out of, depending on who's version of the story you read) Apple (the Garden of Eden), he founded the company NeXT. That's the word for silicon valley. (When he came back to Apple, he brought NeXT with him... kind of a Hero's Journey, I suppose).

Just about everyone I meet here is concerned with catching a ride on the next thing, or creating the next thing, or learning the previous thing (because they missed it when it was the next thing).

The internet (and digital video, audio, text, etc.) is bringing the whole world (I hope) into a renaissance. We won't know the extent it will take until someday in the future when we look back at it.

Dimitar Vesselinov

Internet is the next Silicon Valley…Cyberspace nirvana...Blogs, podcasting, social networks, Flickr, video, Second Life, IM, email…

Brad Munson


This is really a remarkable blog; the reason we all spend so much time stumbling around cyberspace. I've already rushed off to look at everything from Fiori to the Roasters and reread that Emerson essay I haven't read since college, back in the Jurassic. And I haven't even started on the most recent entry (though any blog that mentions Kali, Madonna, and Steve Jobs in the same sweep is okay in MY book).

I talked a bit about your site and TRIED to trackback (the ping broke!) over at my own blog on Hope you don't mind.

Thanks for all of it! I'll be back!


Larry Borsato

I think that Silicon Valley's word is TRANSFORM. They tranformed mere sand into the power of computers. They transformed computers into useful tools. They transformed electronics into cultural icons and fashion accessories. They transformed a simple computer network into personal publishing and the biggest creator of wealth ever.

They take ideas and transform then into value.

Troy Worman

Interesting photos.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Keith, thanks for the parable. Funny you should mention; stay tuned for Garden of Eden-themed salons this summer. Let's go with gardening theme here...

Larry, good point. I was cheating using KALI.
I doubt people here really whisper KALI. But a metaphor is worth a thousand pictures, so I can evoke so much more with KALI, than TRANSFORM. I've been and lived in places where pockets of people said TRANSFORM but I don't think they knew what that entailed, or were willing to pay the price. There is alway some form of death in any transformation. Something drops away, falls away, clears out. And if I'm honest with myself, I often feel a sense of grief pass. In S.V. there is less of an inclination to graft the new unto a wilting, dying, static plant than anywhere else I've been; people are fine with pruning, or tilling new land. The commitment isn't to maintaining legacy environments - it's always possible to begin over with green field development here.

Or lying fallow if need be. And heck, the last tough 4-5 years should have some productive yield, I've written before: "Volcanic soil is the richest in the world, but nothing grows there while it is still smoldering."

The Dave I mention in this post due to a series of losses culminating in nearly dying of an illness got to a point where he wasn't even sure there was going to be a "What's Next." It was only then on his recovery that he was willing to start fresh. He said he felt like his physic/emotional/spiritual/etc DNA had been wiped clean and he was open to listening to alternative views. He said he'd never done so without this near-death. So in S.V., people are more inclined to face death in many forms and throw out the dead, the old, the stagnant without flinching.

Dimitar, the Internet is as varied as the world - I'd say maybe pockets of it have the S.V. word in mind when they think of "belonging." Anyhow, I'm more interested in the next renaissance than S.V. today, and that definitely has a meatspace, not just cyberspace, component. I'll cover more offline than Web 2.0 renaissance companies too.

Thanks Brad and Troy, you guys are sweethearts and truly renaissance men.


Hi Evelyn,

it is good to see people like you who are looking for answers, exploring the world beyond the mind....I believe that we are right at the beginning of a new era - a RENAISSANCE - only that this time the center / the beginning is not in Florence/Italy BUT in each single human being who dares to take the steps....

All the best



I just stumbled here by accidents, if you believe in them. What a wonderful post! I'll be bookmarking your site . . .


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Egad could you delete the above? I did not write it!

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