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Jun 15, 2006



Yup. Whole Foods gives me a bad feeling, though - in my 6th chakra. ;^) There are aspects to the company that are not healthy at all, and I'll avoid shopping there. I also find them overpriced. I prefer my Henry's market that stocks local produce and eggs and such, and my farmer's market.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hi Donna,
I feel the same. I'm evolving all the time - especially since that
writing - I've stopped eating industrial meat and fish which
essentially in USA means I'm vegetarian now. I'm not eating eggs
either, although spending time at a cabin with a friend, we had some farm fresh eggs from his neighbor's farm - very lovely people.

I'm buying mostly at farmer's markets myself.

Did you find yourself making these changes gradually? Tell me more.

For instance, my housemate often makes omelettes for breakfast with Safeway grocery eggs and he makes enough for everyone at home. He'd always ask if I wanted some, and one day (previously it was always 'Sure') I found myself saying, No. And I've said no ever since. It was another few weeks before I cut out meat, etc. A few more where I started visiting local farmer's markets with frequency.

Some Whole Foods do label produce if it is from a local farm, but not the one closest to me.

Mostly I can sense the care, devotion, love and cherishment of live things, so buying directly from the one caring and raising the food is really drawing me.

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences.


This and your "Italy on My Mind" post are such colorful, full-of-life posts, Evelyn. Grazie.

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