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Jun 05, 2006


Kevin Behringer

I have to agree.

When I first saw the 1000 paintings thing, I took a look because Seth was so excited by it. I just don't get it.

Sure, when people like Seth start talking about it, it'll be good for the artist and some people will buy just because he mentioned it. But, does this mean we can make everything viral?

To me, this falls very short of a Purple Cow. To me, painting numbers on a white canvas is just not in the realm of "art."

Bob Loblaw


It is not just a number painted on a canvas, it is an entire concept based on mathematics, viral marketing, desire, the meaning of art, community - it is actually quite interesting when you start peeling back the layers.

Is David Bowie just a singer?

Troy Worman

Interesting. I'd like to read (the 1000 stories) why each person chose a particular number. And not that we necessarily get to choose, but... this is not how I would want to burn my 15 minutes of fame.

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