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May 31, 2006



"Losing My Mind, Coming to My Senses"

It is the opposition, according to Nietzsche, between the Dionysian and the Apollonian spirit. Dionysius - the Greek god of wine, revelry and sensual abandon. Apollo - the Olympian god of order and reason. Nietzsche said that the triumph of the Apolline optimism and belief in the power of reason cut us off from sensual intuition and made modern consciousness sick.

I am amazed that you would mention the cherry tree. In the samurai tradition, the cherry blossom is the symbol of the ephemeral life of a warrior. It is a symbol created by Dionysian consciousness. The Dionysian spirit restores our sensual intuition and yet it also makes us realize the terrible truth of the impermanence of existence, and yet more importantly, "without being turned to stone by this vision". I am reminded of Gorostiza's poem:

Oh, what blind joy
What hunger to use up
the air that we breathe,
the mouth, the eye, the hand.
What biting itch
to spend absolutely all of ourselves
in one single burst of laughter.
Oh, this impudent, insulting death
that assassinates us from afar.
over the pleasure that we take in dying
for a cup of tea…
for a faint caress.

I will admit that I am partial to the Dionysian spirit. However...

Unfettered by any view, dwelling or prejudice.
Belonging to neither one side or another,
Not dull or vacant.
Totally clear and awake, so that anything can unfold.
Still, whatever takes place doesn’t bind us.
That is being free
("Carefree Dignity" by Tsoknyi Rinpoche)

To let both spirits unfold in us but not to let the gifts of either bind (or blind?)us. Neither the Dionysian gift of intuitive creativity nor the Apollonian effectiveness and efficiency. Totally clear, awake and free. Like a "transparent river that, trampling over pearls, breaks loose and flows into infinity"

Troy Worman

I am so glad I rediscovered your writing. Many blogs rouse me to scrawl. Yours, rather you, inspire me to write well. Thank you for that.

Lori Olson

Wonderful blog...I'm so curious...did you try the chocolates you mentioned from Fiori? I'm going to be in Seattle next week and had heard about them...

Evelyn Rodriguez

Yes, but I only had a small chunk of the chocolate bar since it was a gift for a friend back home (she offered me a bite). It might be fun to visit Theo Chocolates factory - first all-organic chocolates:

Also, Caffe Migliore is my favorite cafe in Seattle:

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