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Apr 11, 2006



Well done! I have never been very inspired by this particular station, but you really made me think about it. I think it is love that made her move, of course. Only love can be so strong that it overcomes fear. (Just my humble opinion, even if I make it sound so sure.)


Love or spiritual strength? There are times when an inner voice becomes so strong that it is next to impossible to resist it. You just feel very strongly that you have to do what it tells you or regret it for the rest of your life. She must have been an extraordinary woman to go against the unspoken consensus of the crowd, that has declared Jesus untouchable and to be disposed of. It takes great courage to go aginst negative energies like that and to follow your inner voice (character, conviction) and do what you believe in, regardless of the consequenses. A renaissance woman, IMHO.

Thank you Evelyn for this post. I will be watching the Via Crucis in Rome (not in situ but via satellite) and will look upon station 6 with new eyes :-)

Happy Easter!

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