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Apr 24, 2006



Oh, Evelyn. I want to have all clients like you. Talk about bounding out of bed every day!

Gary Bourgeault (

Evelyn, very good post.

I especially like at the end where you mention the journey includes not only the seen world but the unseen.

To me it is the unseen world that is the place where we derive those ideas and visions that eventually we bring into the world for others to see and share in.

Bob C

I love this post. Reminds me that mystics are folks who foster wonder, rather than conjure magic.

Some word history help, too:
Middle English mystik, from Latin mysticus, from Greek mustikos, from musts, initiate.

Middle English misterie, from Latin mystrium, from Greek mustrion, secret rite, from musts, an initiate, from mein, to close the eyes, initiate

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