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Apr 03, 2006


Laura Moncur

I find it funny that we both have a similar fear. I find myself scared of talking about things that are too controversial because I do not want to be a target for the small-minded.

Dooce finds herself in that situation so often that it scares me. She talks about how she taught her daughter to sleep through the night and every mom on the planet wants to have her jailed for child abuse.

Every time I feel that fear, I reveal MORE of myself on the Internet. I do the opposite of what my gut tells me. Someday, maybe I will stop feeling the fear...

Evelyn Rodriguez

Now, in a more lucid moment, I see and feel that all these fears are ghosts themselves. Under the fear, I noticed stomach-wrenching guilt. I think I understand why people say "racked with guilt" because it does feel akin to torture. But after those layers peeled off, it was just still and pure.

It's worth investigating the monsters under our bed rather than feeding them cookies to fend them off so we can see for ourselves if they are substantially real or not. You cannot force this, but next time the fear arises you can practice being with it and being curious in terms of inquiring and turning it over like a stone you've never seen before. Again, "Loving What Is" is highly recommended as well.


Excellent blog! Thanks


this is very strange

and francesca thinks its strange too.
she is my bird

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