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Apr 20, 2006


rodrigo gonzalez fernandez

Muy buenos articulos. Podrias escribir en español. Recien acá en Chile conocemos de este espectacular blog , pero no muchpos hablan ingles para deleitarse con tus artículos, un abrazo, Rodrigo González fernández,

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hola, Rodrigo. Bien idea pero...

Aunque mis padres son de Cuba nacie in Estados Unidos. Yo entiendo mucho español, puedo hablar con un bebé ;-) pero no puedo escriberlo.

For English visitors: After some complimentary remarks on my blog articles, Rodrigo recommended that I translate my blog into Spanish as well as folks have discovered my blog in Chile, but not everyone reads English there. I replied in broken Spanish that although my parents are from Cuba, I grew up in USA. I understand a lot of Spanish, can speak to a baby (okay, I can speak a bit better), but my writing in Spanish is poor.

Perhaps someone out there wants to pick up this idea of translation & run with it?

John Dodds

I encountered a similar level of passion for issues such as the people of emerging economies and cancer charities at a woman's networking group I visited last night and blogged about today. I don't know if it's gender-related but the altruistic drive was intense. Equally intense however was the the determination of these people to do something about the issus themselves and to do so via their business acumen and contacts rather than work via non profits. I found that very enlightening.

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