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Apr 10, 2006


keith ray

".... but making love in the rain is still up for grabs."

especially with the weather the Bay Area has been having lately.


(BTW, did you see this blog: ?)

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Keith. Ha, very funny. Yep, this spring is a ripe opportunity to cross off those remaining goals. But 'goals' seem to have slipped away, it just seems more like asking what do I care about now and then doing that. But I notice the plate is now fuller as I see much I care about, and my energy is freed up.

I read Adrian's piece and I enjoy his blog. The biggest 'barrier' to awakening is thinking anything, including ego, needs to 'go' or needs to be abolished and then everything would be perfect. Trying to control your so-called ego into submission is just a more subversive ego-manager trick. The vastness of Tao (since he quotes it) is totally completely all-encompassing. What it means that the ego doesn't exist is it has no substance to it - try pointing to it. Where is it? Can you really find your ego?

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