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Feb 28, 2006



Hi Evelyn,

Don't be underwhelmed. There are two levels to the things one write.

Level 1 is read and experienced by those who read and try to imagine, at "facevalue" what you are trying to say. Depending on the readers imaginative and emotive capacity he/she understands and feels what you feel.

Level 2 is read and experienced by those who have had similar experiences and can truely, by memories triggered through your words, relate to every word you write (feel the smells, the heat, the sounds) and actually be where you were or are while writing.

Walking throught the forest and hearing a bird sing is a different experience from walking through the forest and recognizing the warbling of a specific robbin somewhere up in the trees.

Knowledge and experience enhance the presens in what you write and I read.

You inspire Level 1 readers to find out more and seek the same experience and you create a bond between your text and the Level 2 reader who feels the power of sharing an experience.

Keep on trying to find the words to describe your inner world, you are doing wonderfully as it is...

My two cents

Robert Seyfert

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