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Feb 27, 2006



"Serendipity is not akin to luck. I'd say it has more to do with being sensitive and open without expectations"...well put. It brought to mind when I went to my grandmother's birthplace in Italy. It took some planning to get there (a train down from Switzerland, several buses, no Italian in my repertoire)...but once I stepped off the bus in her hometown I had no expectations. I had a camera and thought I'd just snap a few pictures for her, find some lunch and catch the return bus four hours later. But I started walking and something told me to go down a little side street. Suddenly I saw a cafe carrying her maiden name. Next thing I knew I was meeting family members I didn't even know lived there who put me up for three days over the cafe.

As for "I don't know"...looking back, the chapters of my life that have been the most fulfilling have always started out with an "I don't know." :)

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