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Feb 15, 2006


steven e. streight who is vaspers the grate, blog revolutionist

I see no value in ritual, personally, unless it is to commemorate or memorialize.

Ritual can quickly become empty, but doctrine can become harsh and hard.

I love reading Tao Te Ching and the Mahayana Lotus of the True Law, plus the works of Mahavira, founder of the Jains, the naked hermits, that Ghandi learned from.

Evelyn Rodriguez

I'm writing this comment this minute practically across from the Temple of Tooth in Kandy. Worshippers come here to revere Buddha's tooth saved from cremation. More people come to worship here on pilgrimage than have read the second discourse of the Buddha. Anyway, I was deeply disappointed with Thailand and Sri Lanka's form of Buddhism because I had expectations. Having expectations shattered is about as good a live practice as you can get ;-) I'll discuss at length when I return. And rather than get me started, despite all that there is a simple, ambition-free, carefree, tolerant mindset that is very contagious here.


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