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Feb 10, 2006



the project you saw, evelyn, is not just another csr project. this, like the spontaneous response from ordinary people and organizations worldwide to the tsunami, is giving purely for the sake of it.

even in this day and age, occasionally, just occasionally, a kiss is just a kiss and a song is just a song.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hi Joey,
Thanks so much for your time. That's my point precisely. Often we capitalists expect that there must be an 'upside' to justify a CSR project. Maybe at least we can polish off a nice press release and get some goodwill through 'cause marketing.' I guess there is so much "what's in it for me" in the West, it's refreshing to see a corporation that doesn't ask "what's in it for me".

On other hand, for 'practical' capitalistic Westerners this might not sound feasible (i.e. altruistic). For me, there ought NOT to be expectations with a gift, otherwise it is not a gift but a deal or bargain. I also wanted to make a little point that giving doesn't deplete. We only give to the whatever label we might call the Universe or the Totality, which is not apart from ourselves and does not require an announcement over the airwaves or Internet.



in the real world of corporate life though, i doubt there is pure altruism in our acts. it's all relative. however, i do think that the initial responses globally to the tsunami came close to such arcadia.

there is hope for us yet!

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