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Jan 08, 2006


Brian Benz

Ok, OK! Sorry, I wanted to encourage people to come to to Thailand in General. I didn't mean to tell them to keep away from any specific area, though reading back on my post, I can see that I said that...

Since right after the Tsunami, I posted a couple of posts encouraging people NOT to stay away in general:

Coincidentally, the last one is about Khao Lak....

I too have been to Phi Phi, way way WAY back in 1998. I remember that it was a little overcrowded at the time, and preferred to stay at the nearby islands just off Krabi. Can't remember the name of the place specifically, but it had a sunset and sunrise beach, an inland salt water "lake" fed by the ocean that you had to climb down a trecherous path to, and a bug cave full of linghams. Back in those days a hut on the beach was $1 US per night....was that Khao Lak?

Anyway, I'll post a retraction today....


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