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Jan 12, 2006


Mike Rohde

Evelyn, great to see you exploring low-cost and free options for blogging. You mention of an AlphaSmart caught my eye — I have an AlphaSmart Dana, which is sort of the big brother version that runs Palm OS 4 and has a decent sized monochrome screen and something like 20 hours battery life It also can run on AA's in a pinch. Like the AlphaSmart, it's lower cost ($400 retail, $260-300 on eBay), has long battery life and is great for just writing. There is even a Dana that has built-in WiFi if that's important to you (thought it costs about $30 more retail).

One huge advantage to the Dana is the "Send" feature, which lets you write text in their built in wordprocessor AlphaWord, connect the Dana via USB cable to any Mac or Windows PC and press the Send button to zip the text you've just written to whatever open word processor you have open (Notepad, a browser, etc). Soun ds complex in description but is really quite easy and way quicker than Hot Sync.

I would also suggest a low-cost solution for writing and blogging is a Palm and Palm or ThinkOutside folding keyboard. If you aren't picky about the latest and greatest, an old PDA and folding keyboard on eBay could be had pretty inexpesively. The combo is small, light and portable. I've used this setup in the past with great success.

Finally, I'd also suggest a pocket Moleskine notebook too. These $10 notebooks tough, well made, small, light and make great capture tools for ideas when it isn't practical or desirable to pull out a PDA, notebook or whatever. They require no batteries and when combined with a Pilot G2 pen, are pretty near indestructable. They come in larger sizes too, though I think the pocket sizes are idea for travel.

I wish you a fruitful trek and safe travels around the region and back home. I pray you have a significant impact both there and back here as well.

Be well!

Alan Gutierrez


I'm setting out to draw attention to your work from the context of New Orleans. Unfortunately, the trackbacks on your blog don't seem to be picking up on my links.

Thought I'd make note. I'm acting as a circuit blogger for New Orleans. It's a challenge.

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