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Dec 17, 2005



Hi Evelyn, glad to hear you arrived in Bangkok. Coincidentally the cover of the IEEE Spectrum I received yesterday ( is “Earthquake Predictor - Eerie lights in the sky, ultralow frequency radio waves, and magnetic field changes mean an earthquake is imminent. Finally we’re getting the message.” I like the last sentence. Journey on! --Don

Nancy White

I loved the bit about facilitation of dialog vs. top down. As people make their predictions for 2006, I hope to see more of this. In fact, think about the implications of web 2.0 hubub if it were applied to making the world a better place!


Bless be your journey. thanks for coming to my blog and adding it to ur blog long time back. i just discovered it today.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hi All, Thanks for the comments.

Don, I have caught up on sleep now and rise at 6:30 a.m. everyday however which isn't normal as you know for me.

Nancy, As far as dialog vs top-down, it's what Graeme seems to especially teach his archicture and urban planning students. The idea of people participating in their own community rather than having it be planned from an central authority on their behalf. He's an avid reader of blogs, but his influences come from much much earlier.

Facilitation isn't so easy. I have talked to the Koh Jum folks and their attempts at community meetings to decide what to do collectively with donations pouring in from European tourists ultimately failed. But more on that later.

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