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Dec 24, 2005



Today I will spend a brief moment in silence and remembering with you. And, all the while, holding you in my thoughts.


Dear Evelyn,

My name is Robert Seyfert, aka Manao (Thai for Lion :-)

I have spent the greater part of this day reading your moving and fascinating blog. Don't I have better things to do than that? Normally I would say yes, but for some reason your writings touched a nerve inside of me. I am not a survivor of the tsunami, but I lost very dear friends that day on Phi Phi. It is a loss that has become part of my life since that day.

Only a few days after the tsunami I joined a group of people who under the auspiece of the Thailand Islands Foundation wanted to publish abook about the island. I work as a designer, so it felt so very right to do just that, since I couldn't go down to the island to help. Work that took us the greater part of this year to complete.

Feel free to drop by the website if you are interested :-)

On pure chance I found your blog and have now subscribed to it. I look forward to reading your next posting.

Life moves on and somehow we have to try and learn something valuable and positive from even the grimest of lessons.

I wish you the best and hope that you are well.


"Life is a gift we far to often take for granted"

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