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Dec 21, 2005



This had never occurred to me until I read this post...but I suppose on some level that feeling of having no control must have taken up residence in me when a huge chunk of my little hometown was wiped out by a tsunami when I was 9. Before that, waves were just something you could hear breaking on the beach down the street on particulary stormy days...or watch them crashing over the jetty by the lighthouse...while the toughest boys in your class stood on the jetty and pretended to be brave while seeing if they could withstand the power of the waves. But once you've witnessed tsunami devastation up close and heard the stories from people you changes everything. But it didn't even happen to happened to others a few blocks away. I can't imagine what you lived through a year ago. I so admire what you're doing on this trip. Holding you in my thoughts that your travels will be safe.

Carl Parkes

Very nicely written and I look forward to some posts and observations.


One small quibble...

It's "Woodland Lodge", not "Woodlawn Lodge".

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