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Dec 26, 2005



Dear Evelyn,

thank you for another great post. I went to Bazukis website to have a look at his portfolio and I was absolutely awestruck by the quality of his photographs! What a sharp eye for detail and what sensitivity to catch those moments which express so much.

I hope that you are doing well and are enjoying your stay on Phi Phi, which no doubt is a highly rewarding one :-). I spent a week on the island in November, releasing the book about Phi Phi Island. It was an amazing feeling to see how much had been done already. I was very happy for all those wonderfull people on the island.

By the way, I just wanted to mention that I have made my first serious attempt at blogging today. You inspired me I must admit. The link to the blogg is:

It is very basic sofar. I am looking at different options softwarevise but livejournal will do just nicely for now :-)

Evelyn, take care and hope to hear from you sometime.

With kind regards

Robert Seyfert

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