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Dec 05, 2005


Amit C

Interesting I never caught onto whole foods. I like sending known (taste, not so much brand name) product for yoplait, have tried the organic yogurts version and they were pretty awful in taste.
Only thing I keep getting organic is fresh fruits and milk.
Maybe it is the experience and the company (satsang) effect that gets people.

Amit C

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hi Amit, I think what draws me back is the feeling - the satsang experience as you say. Although I find the fruit, cheeses, and soups there to be excellent and that's what I stocked up on. When I was there they were promoting two different types of exotic fruit - things I cannot remember the name nor remember ever hearing about before - so there was an element of fresh discovery and wide-eyed adventure with food too. I guess in comparison Safeway is so staid, and after not stepping into a Whole Foods since April it seemed so exciting and refreshing.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Also I was looking at Joe Vitale's book, The Attractor Factor, (his blog is at last night and he said something about how presence of being shines through (my words). For instance, he mentioned an unremarkable flyer for a seminar he once received. Yet something compelled him to go. Others in attendance also said, "I don't even know why I'm here. I saw the flyer and knew I was supposed to be here."

Another client that asked him to write an ad shared how they thought of advertising, "It doesn't matter what you put in the ad. People will sense who you are and what you are offering and make a decision from that feeling."

He goes on to say he was hired because he believes in the client's work. "If I didn't believe in them, the ads I create for them would show it. And if they didn't believe in their work, the person they hired to create their ads would reveal that attitude."

Basically, it's as if presence jumps off the page for an ad. And for a retail store like Whole Foods there is a compelling and grounding belief behind it that radiates. It doesn't click for everyone (and it's not about being all things to all people). In summary, I guess it's an essence and clarity that draws us.

Bryan Wheelock

I just found your blog today and was surprised to see you mention Level of Consciousness.

I actually have an active discussion forum where we discuss Dr. Hawkins work in detail. I have interviewed Dr. Hawkins as well and will soon be releasing MP3's of the conversation.

I do want to mention that Co-Creations unlimited has some very distorted cailbrations. A calibration of 1000 is exptremely rare. Only 3 people in the history of mankind have calibrated that high.

My suspicion is that their calibration are off because of their dabblining in chanelling. Most channeled information is subtly wrong. Beware the astral circus.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Bryan for sharing your work.

I know Steve and can vouch for him. But just found Co-Creations via Google and a quick scan looked okay. I was a bit wary as it leaned to New Agey (astral), but gave them benefit of the doubt.

As far as I was aware I thought Jesus was only 1000 to date. However, as I wrote offline to someone, "We're all 1000's; just some of us are more adept at denial."

Please let me know when your MP3's are available.

Bryan Wheelock

Thanks for you fantastic writing. :)

The 3 avatars ( L.O.C calibrations @ 1000 ) are:

All 3 have lead to massive improvements in humanity by sharing their spiritual wisdom with us all. All 3 inspired major religions.

Unfortunately, religions always seem to reflect the culture from which they originate. We must all remember that most religions were actually created by the followers of the teachers, and not the avatars themselves.

The noise from imperfect understanding is what has led to the negative aspects of religion. The actual Truths, as stated by the avatars themselves are profoundly similar.

Love your neighbor.
Move towards that which supports life.
Avoid that which is antagonistic to life.
Judgement day is everyday.

Bless You for your great work.

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