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Nov 15, 2005


Yvonne DiVita

As usual, Evelyn, you've done a bang-up job. I was going to say 'outstanding' but... that's so overused lately. This was a great Carnvial - one I"m so sad I missed out on! The tribute to Peter Drucker is worth the entire read, but all of the other posts add their own spice to the total package. Now, I'm hungering for a Fluffernutter sandwich!

steven streight aka vaspers the grate

This is very inspiring. My mom got old, weak, feeble, and most of it is due to improper diet, lack of exercise, limited interests, watching soap operas and reading Dean Koontz crap, instead of pursuing spirituality, fitness and healthy diet.

So all this aging equals improving is very relevant to me right now.

Listen up everyone. Getting old means getting better, like autumn leaves.

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